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Empowering the entrepreneur lifestyle with Web3

INUKO is a DeFi DAO project that helps grow businesses through collaborations and, at the same time, build up your assets with bond products or from just holding on to obtain rewards in USDT
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What & Who is Inuko?

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A place where our community comes together
to discuss and propose ideas for INUKO


Our community can now vote
on proposals that benefit our project


About Inuko

INUKO is cute but she packs a punch! Inuko coin is a DeFi DAO coin designed to help the small retail crypto investor beat the bear market.

We are making DeFi fun and yet rewarding!

As a holder of INUKO not only will you be entitled to stable coin rewards automatically fed into your wallets, you can also participate in our governance to contribute your opinions in making major & important decisions that will change the course of INUKO.

Watch the amount of stable coins grow in your wallet as INUKO holders automatically receive a 6% fee from every on chain transaction that happens on the Inuko ecosystem. The community receives more rewards from the fees generated each transaction.

In the near future, INUKO will become the defacto payment solution for creative works both in the physical world and metaverse.

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Auto Burn

Your holding of Inuko Coin increases in value as supply reduces. 1% of each on-chain transaction is burned.

Auto Reflection

You earn USDT by just hodling Inuko Coin. 6% of each on-chain transaction is redistributed to token holders.

Added Liquidity

Inuko Finance takes 1% from the 12% tax and injects it back to liquidity.


Earn even more reflections by staking your hodling. Stake Inuko Coins to earn reflections at 2.5 times.

DAO Treasury

Each INUKO is backed by USDT assets in the treasury. The DAO will decide when to buy back & burn INUKO when the market price falls below the backing price.

Anti Whale

No one wallet can hold more than 1% of the total supply of INUKO.

Phase 1:
Launch of DeFi App and Accompanying Websites
Phase 2:
Governance and Community
Phase 3:
Launch of Inuko Makers Program
Phase 4:
Development of Marketplace and Payment Solution
Phase 5:
Provide Inuko Payment Solution to other Projects

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