Supports Project on the BNB Smart Chain

Grab Tokens at Great Discount... Quick!

The price of any bond keeps dropping
but rises whenever a purchase is made.

That's how Sequential Dutch Auction controls the price.

You can get the tokens at your desirable discount
- just wait, but act fast!

Or, someone else might buy the bond first
and push its price back up!


Buy in 3 Simple Steps

Buying bonds from the market is easy.

1. Choose a bond at your ideal discount and vesting term
2. Buy the bond and get the bond token,
3. Redeem the payout tokens after the lock-in period!

Click here for a more detailed illustration

Full Support for your Favourite Projects

The capital you put in to purchase the bond mostly goes to the project instead of an exchange. Thus, your favourite projects will get more funds to pursue their causes!

In turn, your holding in the project tokens would gain when the project achieves more of its goals!


No Impermanent Loss

The amount of discount and payout of our bonds are determined at the time of purchase.

No impermanent loss or any of the problems faced by traditional Liquidity Providers.

More Projects Coming Soon!

Other projects can issue bonds on our Bond Market too.

As a buyer, you can choose from a broader range of projects.

You will always have plenty of opportunities to optimise your strategy!

Buy BONDS now!
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Choose a bond

Choose the optimal bond by balancing:
- the project
- the discount
- the vesting term

Check the details

Check the current discount, vesting term and price history

Buying the bond

Approve the bond contract, if prompted
Enter the amount quote token to pay
Buy the bond

Claim after vesting

Claim the payout after the vesting date