INUKO World Cup 2022 NFT Challenge

Our very first Mint, Trade & Win NFT event!

Event ended

A total of 2.1 ETH was given away as prizes for this event and winners can check the prize distribution transactions here.

The NFTs can still be traded after the World Cup and commissions will be shared with holders.

Event ended on
20th December 2022
Ethereum Mainnet
ERC 1155

Prize distribution

The prizes has already been distributed and winners can check the transactions here. Here is a breakdown of how the prizes were distributed:

Argentina in 1st place
All holders got to share 50% of the prize pool
Croatia in 3rd place
All holders got to share 25% of the prize pool
Morocco in 4th place
All holders got to share 15% of the prize pool
10% of the prize pool to be donated to a human rights organisation

Trading after World Cup

A 10% commission will be added to all NFT trades. Of the total commissions:

shared will all NFT holders
to Inuko DAO Treasury
to marketing & operations wallet


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