Crypto Projects can Make and Sell Merch

Inuko's online Merch Marketplace can help Crypto projects break out of the digital realm to offer real world merch and business to their holders.

Crypto projects can use our marketplace to:
1. Engage a maker to produce their merch and sell
2. Bring their own ready-made merch to sell

For Sales!

In the beginning, makers produced
Inuko merch for other holders.

With Inuko Marketplace,
any crypto projects can

engage a maker to produce their own merch and sell on the marketplace.

Any crypto project can also bring their own ready-made merch to sell.

Payment Solution for All

Inuko's Payment Solution will premiere on our marketplace.

All crypto projects can offer real utility to their tokens, by integrating their token into our payment solution.

Gradually, we will expand our payment solution to other e-commerce platforms and services.

Keeping our aim high, we strive to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Made by Inuko Community

Makers in our Inuko Community have made these wonderful merchandise, showing their passion and capabilities.

Furthermore, Inuko Finance is a DeFi DAO. The marketplace is only possible with the enthusiastic support from our holders.

The proposal to start developing the marketplace was passed with 100% of the casted votes!

For Inuko Community

Inuko holders are involved in every aspect of the marketplace.

They are a part owner and will gain a small part of the profits as reflections.

Details to be determined later.

Explore & Discuss

More details about the marketplace will be shared and discussed on our forum.

Do you have a brilliant idea? Come and share with us.

Race to 5,000 holders

We are racing to reach 5,000 holders to start the development of Inuko’s Merch Marketplace. See why here.

Join us and be part of our journey to bringing real impact to the Crypto world.

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